“Finally, in Sam Kaplan and Rose Maurrant, we discover two of the most promising American singers... Radiant physically and vocally, very moving also in the farewell scene,  Katherine Henly, is not to be outdone in that of her beloved - a performance all the more impressive under the circumstances. The very young American soprano, passing through Cologne, had indeed replaced in the last minute a suffering colleague during several rehearsals - without having yet sung the role on stage before. The Cologne Opera thanked her with a performance that marked both her European debut and her acting debut. A career definitely to follow.


“Shining brightest is actress Katherine Henly, who plays La Musica. Covered in gold dust, each and every word she delivers is accompanied by a smile, with her voice and finesse captivating the entire Clarke Theater. Moreover, her gorgeous costume, designed by senior Madison Ryckman, is a goddess’s garment. Its long and gentle flow perfectly matches the angelic beauty of Henly herself.”


"Though each was amazing in his or her own right, it was Katherine Henly whose voice stayed with the audience. She sang with such beauty and emotion that though her words were foreign, there was no doubt as to their meaning.”


Laolu and The Afromysterics
Laolu and The Afromysterics

"Henly sparkled in her coloratura moments in the late songs of the piece, making her appearance as an Ethel Merman-like exponent of Broadway show numbers in the next part of the program all the more startling."


Someone To Belong To  (FringeNYC 2013) p
The Hills Are Alive! (NYMF 2013) photo c